One of the massive benefits of dealing with a distributor like JP is that we have years of experience in searching for the best possible products to stock for our customers. We deal with many market leaders, companies like Wilsonart, a manufacturer at the forefront in the design of kitchen work surfaces.  We wanted to share some of that knowledge, so we asked Holly Turnbull, their Marketing Communications Manager about the latest trends to share with you….

What is the current largest trend in the product world of work surfaces?

The largest trend in worktops can be summed up by one sentence: thin is in. We’re seeing a huge rise in the popularity of our super slim worktop, Zenith. It’s 12.5mm thin so creates a contemporary, sleek profile that looks great in every kitchen and was created to meet the need for slimmer worktops that look more like furniture and fit with on-trend contemporary kitchen design. In fact, thicker worktops are seriously declining in sales and since 2015 ultra-thin has grown to about 18% of the volume in the market.

Right now, people are choosing to improve their homes rather than move, so a slim but tough worktop like Zenith is perfect for an open plan kitchen renovation, which is what the majority of renovators are choosing. Slim worktops work so well in both open plan and broken plan living styles; the slim profile blends with the lines of other furniture creating defined living areas, without sacrificing a continuation of the overall space. A thin worktop can be used to create matching, bespoke cabinet framing, shelves and window sills which allows the designer to personalise a kitchen design to an individual, something that’s bang on-trend.

Part of the Zenith appeal is that it looks like a trend-leading stone and granite worktop but comes without the restrictive price tag and the associated time and expense of the template and cut process. It’s an engineered stone, a compact laminate that can be cut on site with regular tools, looks great and performs amazingly well. It’s super tough and 100% waterproof, making it perfect for a family kitchen or bathroom. Because of the solid core, Zenith does not need edging once it’s been cut, which means it can be cut into any curve to match curved islands or cabinets, without the usual challenges of having to edge it afterwards which can be really fiddly. With Zenith, it just needs to be re-finished which is very simple.

When it comes to finishes concretes, marbles and woods are leading the charge for slim worktops and Wilsonart knows that their Zenith range, stocked by JPD, ticks all the trend boxes too.

When did the trend for thinner worktops start?

It was driven by the solid surface market which has always been slimmer than the laminate alternatives which were for many years a standard of 40mm thick.  At Wilsonart we launched Zenith in 2016 and were the first to market with a compact laminate at just 12.5mm in thickness, it has resulted in many others following suit. We also offer other slimmer worktops at 22mm in thickness and they too are becoming increasingly popular. Zenith is the optimum in that it is super slim and super tough and there are currently 12 décor finishes available with more coming soon which will take us up to 30+ choices.

Is there a negative for thin worktops?

Zenith is made from a very strong material and is 100% waterproof, not all thin options in the market are as robust. One also need to be careful which oven you partner it with as we only recommend Zenith where there are single oven installations and where the bottom shelf of the cabinet can be lowered. We also recommend the use of deep pan drawers rather than standard height drawers as this helps maintain the closing capability without interfering with the hob. But both these issues can be overcome with a little thought and are more than made up for by the overall look of the finished kitchen.

Thanks to Holly for a great update.  If you’d like more information on the Zenith Collection from Wilsonart, visit their website at or call them on 01388 774661