At JP Kitchens & Bathrooms, we believe that lighting is a critical element in the design of a new room and with advancements in LED technology it’s important to keep abreast of the latest innovations. We have been distributing Sensio lighting products since 2006 and they focus on designing and manufacturing lighting specifically for the KBB industry, so we asked Michael Linsky, founder of Sensio, a few questions about the latest trends in LED lighting for these important rooms.

How does Smart Technology work in kitchen lighting?

Creating an effective kitchen lighting plan that segments task and mood lighting into groups, where both colour and brightness can be controlled by smart technology, is now becoming increasingly mainstream.  It not only enhances the rooms design but can allow the lighting to be personalised to how the room is used in an intuitive way for a particular user. 

Consider waking up, walking into the kitchen and asking “Alexa turn on my morning lights” and the responding light offers a cool light with high intensity.  Conversely, asking “Alexa brighten my afternoon” and see the lights change intensity to a whiter light.  In the evening “Alexa lets relax” could dim the ambient lighting in the room to a lower intensity and warmer hue.  All these settings could be pre-programmed and automatic.

Is a Lighting Plan important for a Kitchen or Bathroom?

A lighting plan is crucial and it’s important to work up a plan in the early stages of your room design.  Consider lighting in layers, each one providing a different function.  Consider how each layer will be used and ensure you get the correct level of brightness (lumens) and colour temperature (Kelvin scale).

Quadro Pro under cabinet task lights illuminate the worktop.

Start with task lighting, in the kitchen this means light around the worktop and hob area, while in the bathroom task lighting is typically situated around the basin for cosmetic purposes etc.  Individual under cabinet spot lights or flexible strip LEDs can work well here and planning them in early means all necessary drivers can be hidden and electric points positioned correctly.  The next consideration is to think about the general ambient room lights. For example, ceiling spots or clusters and whether they need to be separately switched on/off? Do they need to be dimmable such as pendants over an island?

Circular lit Aria bathroom mirrors with Zirconia crystal lined pendant lights.

Mood lighting is primarily used to add dimension to a room in order to create atmosphere and ambience.  Flexible LED strip lighting is perfect for adding depth to a room and can be extremely simple to use. It is also very flexible and can be fixed almost anywhere to create a dramatic and stunning effect; along the plinth, under the worktop or on top of your wall cabinets to highlight the ceiling.  Individual LED Plinth lights are a popular choice too, with their soft and unobtrusive emission adding a subtle decorative feature.

Is Smart technology now readily available in kitchen and bathroom lighting?

Innovations in LED, Bluetooth and Wireless technology have now enabled remote controllability with a variety of options so that this living space lighting can be controlled by a specific remote control. A smartphone or device using Bluetooth or wireless technology can be used through systems like the Amazon Alexa so that voice control instructions can be used too.  The choice is up to the user but it all starts with a consideration on what lights need to be grouped to be switched on together, which need to be dimmable and now, where fittings allow a choice of colour, temperature options too.  A clever designer should ask the right questions of the user or client, with the goal to make it an intuitive solution. 

The number one trend to look out for now in lighting?

Human-centric lighting, with products that allow changes in colour temperature, looks like it will be the future of LED lighting and it’s quoted to be the biggest advancement in lighting technology since the introduction of the electric light bulb.  We are already seeing commercially available fittings with cost effective dimming solutions and temperature controlled light fittings, so check it out for your next room design.

Author: Java Productions